Our Specials

The team at Enigma Cloud aims to provide a first-class customer experience for all our clients.


Our philosophy is that the solution must be adapted to the client's needs and special requirements, not the other way around. At Enigma Cloud, we use our vast technical experience and industry knowledge to find the best approach and tailor it to each business we service. As businesses evolve, our solutions evolve with them.

We believe in implementing the solutions that best suits the client, not necessarily the largest, most flashy or expensive. We believe that, despite humble beginnings, a business grows through the intelligent implementation and utilisation of technology – not adopting technology for technology's sake.

Enigma Cloud envisages our dealings with clients as full business partnerships. We will achieve this by ensuring total confidentiality and discretion, treating clients and staff with utmost respect and courtesy, working with them to provide flexible, reliable and adaptable support solutions. It is only by having unilateral access across all areas of IT, analysing each business' needs and capabilities, and working as a team with our clients, that we can deliver on our promise of providing a complete and satisfying customer experience.

We Support

At Enigma Cloud we believe in using the right tool for the right job, we do this by supporting..

  • Linux/BSD ( Ubuntu Debian and All BSD )
  • Windows/Dos and Windows Server
  • Mac
  • FreePBX more Phone System
  • Networks
  • Security

Enigma Cloud, we are small enough to care and big enough to cope.